Developing the new brand strapline for Pingit


Small moments of inspiration can make a massive difference.

We were on a team call towards the end of my second marketing contract with Barclays – this time in their Mobile Payments team.

They were planning to introduce a rebrand of Pingit – their mobile payment app.

The existing strapline was ‘Powered by Barclays’.

I thought it was too inward looking. Too chest beating. Too banky.

There was a perceptual gap too – non-Barclays customers thought that only Barclays customers could use it.

That wasn’t the case.

“We’re not a bank, we’re a tech company” I thought.

“How would Apple approach this?”

I could see the clean lines of their product packaging in my mind.

That small white booklet with ‘Designed by Apple in California’ on the cover.

With Pingit - we were trying to make people’s lives better.  

To take the pain of carrying cash away.

To free people.

While the call was carrying on I scribbled some words in my notepad.

‘From Barclays, for everyone’.

It was outward looking. It seemed humble. More altruistic. 

And it made clear that anyone could use it.

I shared my eureka moment with the team on the call.

It went down well.

The creative agency took it away and flipped the wording around so it read:

‘For everyone, from Barclays’ (The lock up looked better that way).

But the essence of what I’d written remained unchanged.

Barclays is now using the new strapline on their social media channels and payment chip carriers.

When I received my chip in the post after my contract had ended I swelled with pride.

The smallest moments of inspiration can have the biggest impact.

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