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Producing a B2B Marketing Award nominated social campaign for Barclays


Sometimes, you need to make the best of a bad situation.

During my first contract with Barclays, I was asked to step in to manage a cyber fraud themed social media campaign when a senior colleague had to step away from the business through illness.

This was a daunting prospect for two reasons:

  • I would be taking the reins on such a high-profile campaign 

  • It was innovative. This was the first time the business unit had attempted a ‘long tail’ campaign on a single topic. The plan was for the campaign to dominate the Barclays Business social channels (I was working in the SME team) for a three-month period. This had never been attempted before.

I was determined that the campaign would be a success from an operational perspective.

I ensured weekly review sessions were held and actions were captured and circulated.

And I was lucky to be working with great collaborators.

Punch Communications was a forward-thinking social media agency – and they were keen to make as big an impression with the campaign as I was.

They developed assets in a variety of formats – including animated motion graphics and GIFs (their approach here was pioneering – developing ‘gifographic’ content which brought relevant information to the SME audience in a new and compelling way). 

Video interviews and Vox Pops with ethical hackers and business owners also featured. As well as static imagery, illustration and photography.

Interactive content was also used – in the form of Twitter polls.

It was all very revolutionary for 2016.

And in-house Barclays social media subject matter experts ensured that everything fitted tonally with the Barclays brand.

All content was grouped under the #CyberSafe hashtag.

The working group adopted an agile test and learn mentality to quickly adapt to the performance data we were seeing. An early approach to utilise Twitter on weekends when it was less 'noisy' was quickly dropped when we saw lower than anticipated engagement figures. The content was delivered during the week moving forwards.

We were also able to utilise relevant data/quotes in real-time by adapting already created assets, ensuring the content was topical and timely.

The campaign was a great success. It reached over two million people over the course of the three months. With average engagement rates over 1% across the board for all posts.

Based on the success of the campaign - the senior leadership team were keen for the campaign to be put forward for the B2B Marketing Awards in the 'Best Use of Social Media' category.

When we were shortlisted - I felt a great sense of pride that I had been instrumental in delivering such a successful campaign during my Barclays contract.

Working as a marketing contractor - you need to have a can do attitude and be ready to step up when needed. Versatility is key, but also the ability to build effective working relationships with people you've only just met.

It was a great collaboration that I was pleased to help guide to such a successful conclusion.

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